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To code or not to code? That is the question.

There are so many areas in the wonderful world of Information Technology. However, the one I have encountered and have been asked about a lot is the programmer/developer/etc. So, let me briefly speak on this.

"So, what does it take? "

Hmmm, I would say some creativity and a desire to continue to learn. Do you have to be like the geeks that you see in the media, etc? Well, it helps. However, it's not a requirement. If you have a willingness and zest to go down the path, then, you may have a shot with it.

"Now, what programming language?"

Hmmmmmm. that depends on a lot of things. Honestly I would just check out an array of job descriptions to see which language seem to be the most valuable and the most needed and go from there. Along with that, I, personally, wouldn't restrict myself to one language . It's always good to try to learn multiple language (or as many as your brain will allow at the time).

"Do programmers just sit with their heads glue to a screen all day? That sounds really boring?"

This is exactly what I thought before I entered my first programmer/ developer job. I have come to find that the role has evolved a little beyond sitting at a desk in front of a screen all day. Programmers have been called on to be Business Analyst,Test engineer, System Analyst, etc. That 'programmer' title is just sometimes that, just a title.

So, this just a little snippet of the code life. Hope this brief overview would provide a little insight into a programmer. I must say this life is not for everyone. That's why others just solicit my Once again, this is one of the many roles that one can have in this IT realm.

Til next time,

Southern Techie Belle


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