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Technology, is ever evolving (except with your customer)

I am sure you are aware that technology is ever changing. As an IT professional, we are told to make sure to keep current with the ever changing trends.

Well, yeah, that sounds good in theory, but it becomes quiet hard for some to make it their regular reality.


Simple. Just because you want to continue to grow and take on the latest and greatest technology does not mean your employer wants the same, which is a constant normal in this world (well, at least, from what I have seen).

Your employer or client may be perfectly OK with what they have. Your choices are to try to convince them to possibly upgrade (with supporting evidence of course. Can't go to 

someone and tell them to do something because you say so. That's rude. duh..) or deal with it * puts on shades*.

This is a reality..

Unless you are fortunate to work with the "techie of the tech" companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc., you are going to encounter legacy systems and software.

I know I have had my share. I even encountered a client that was still using Windows XP, years (and years) after MS stopped providing support. Aaaaannnnnddd, I am almost positive we still have COBOL among us (yeah, look that up.. That's before my time. I'm still quiet young. I'm only 25 *coughs* plus 10 *cough*). No matter the system. No matter the software. I do my best to accommodate, modify, and use what is available. If they are open to suggestions, then that is my opportunity to offer my suggestions and guidance..

Once again, this is a common scenario for a lot of IT professionals. It's just one of those things where (at least for me) I need to remind myself to never stop learning. Whether I read a tech magazine/column (or blog *hint, hint*) or even invest in a training on a new technology , I have to remind myself to continue to grow as a professional. You can still work with the old and still be engaged with the new.

Till the next post,

Southern Techie Belle


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