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Hey, IT! I am Woman. Hear me roar!!

Updated: May 28, 2018

Some title, huh? Made it up by myself :)

Well, as you probably have guessed. I am a woman living in a IT world. A southern 'belle' in the IT world.

To start, my name is Easter B. (No, I was not born on Easter. No, I do not have a sibling name Christmas.). I have been an IT professional for approximately 10+ years.

Let me tell you. IT wasn't a straight and narrow road for me (road probably isn't straight for any of us). I have been a programmer, a business analyst, a test engineer, and even in positions that combine all three of those job titles plus more. IT is just that broad of a field. Sometimes, you start with something you like to do, then end up doing something totally different and better than what you wanted to do.

Welp, that's the simple short intro.. Wonder what wonderful things subjects I can discuss as I continue this journey? Hmmmm...

Til the next post.


Southern Techie Belle

Photo cred: Marquis D. Thompson


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