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From Record Company to Techie

There was a time where I owned a record label..........ummmm, in my mind.

Since the age of 10, I have been involved in music.. I was in all types of bands (marching, jazz,concert). I was determined to be an all around musician who helped other musicians and artist.

Now, the 90s (in my head) was a good time to have a record label. Seeing all these new labels pop up inspired me.. I told myself, 'Hey, I, too, can be the next Puff Daddy (before all his name changes)'. That was my goal all the way until senior year of high school..aaaannnndddd, then reality step in.

Something had changed. I realized I really didn't want to do that path..I wanted to really have a career where I could get a substantial income (aaannnddddd, I realized the market was over saturated with record labels and I didn't want to live in a cardboard box for half my life..).

SO, I went with my second option, technology. Why? Because I always found it interesting . Also, since the technological realm is every evolving, there will always be a need for an IT professional, Always. So, my mind told me to take a chance in the realm and it has been a rewarding (and trying) journey.

However, If Diddy or Sean Carter was to offer their mentor ship by a chance of fate, then, ummmmmm, I could see what they are offering..

Til next time

Southern Techie Belle

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